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the ancient pyramids

Aliens and the pyramids

Aliens involvement in construction of pyramids in Egypt

Hope all of you might have listen and known about pyramids well its time to find some awesome and amazing facts about the great pyramids and its construction

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The moon orbitting the earth

Moon facts

What if the moon suddenly gets disappeared.

We often take the Moon for granted and never even give a thought to how our life would be without our little neighbour. Have you ever wondered what would happen if the moon suddenly disappeared?

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Sun rays reaching the earth

Sun facts

What if the sun suddenly gets disappeared.

We all know that the solar system exists because of sun and the sun keeps all the planets including the earth in its track.The sun is the lifeline of the solar system.Lets us dive deep and check what will happen if the sun gets disappeared or is removed from the solar system.

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Devil Sea swallowing ships and planes

Devil Sea

The mystery of the Devil's Sea

Hope all of you have heard about the incidents at the bermuda triangle but there is another place on this earth where similar incidents happens.Have you ever heard about 'The Devil's Triangle' located in the Japan sea which have claimed more lives than the Bermuda triangle.

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The biggest mystery in the internet

Cicada 3301

The biggest unsolved mystery on internet Cicada 3301.

Hope everyone loves to solve puzzles. Let's explore the biggest puzzles of the internet which is still unsolved.

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the area 51 where aliens interact with humansthe area 51 where aliens interact with humans

Area 51

The secret behind the mysterious area 51.

Hope you know about the mysterious place of area 51 where aliens visit the earth and exchanges it technology with the American Air Force.

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Time travel incidents

Time travel

The mystery of time travel.

Time travel had always been a mystery for everyone. There are many instances in which time travel incidents have been proved.

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Flat earth theory claiming the earth is flat

Flat earth

The reality of flat earth society.

ou all know that the earth is round but there are many people in this world called as the flat earth society who believes thar the earth is not round rather it is flat.Various proofs have been put forward to prove it.

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