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The mystery of area 51

the mystery of area 51

The mystery of area 51 revealed.Is it really the home of aliens.

What is Area 51

Area 51 is the common name of a highly classified United States Air Force (USAF) facility located within the Nevada Test and Training Range. This place was used by the united states air force since a long time for the testing and construction of new and advanced air crafts.Even the special stealth technology aircrafts ,which cannot be discovered by the radar and even the IR sensors,were first constructed and tested in this area only.It is a 708 square km restricted area where no one can go inside without permission.The army and military is deployed everywhere inside the area 51 which have the permission to shoot any of the intruders entering the restricted area. The whole area is monitored by cctv cameras and is under high survellience.
You can have a look at the map of area 51 here
area 51 map as visisble from the sky

How the conflict started

The beginning of Area 51 is directly related to the development of the U-2 reconnaissance aircraft.In the early 1950s, U.S. Navy and Air Force sent low-flying aircraft on reconnaissance missions over the USSR, but they were at constant risk of being shot down. In November 1954, President Eisenhower approved the secret development of a high-altitude reconnaissance aircraft called the U-2 program. The testing of the U2 program began sterted in 1955 when it was flying at an altitude of about 60,000 feet.Earlier in those days the normal flights flew at an altitude of about 10,000 to 20,000 feet and the common people who saw them classified them as aliens as those designs of flights were rare and new and no one was familiar with them.So everyone started the thing that area 51 is ASSOCIATED with aliens as the test flights were flown near the area 51 only.For example when B2 sprit bomber was tested for the first time no one except the US air force knew that it is an aeroplane and not a UFO as it was of a completely newer technology.Have a look at the image below.B2 sprit bomber flying near area 51
The military and the officials working in the area 51 knew about the truth of the aliens in the area but they were unable to reveal it due do their commitment with the US AirForce.

The Revealing

The United States government had successfully hidden the place from other common public for a long time until a guy asked the government with the help of Freedom of information act after which the government revealed the area51 and common people came to know about it. The people were told that the place is only for testing and construction of new aircrafts and technology of the united states air force and is also an airbase of the Air force and all the questions regarding aliens were denied.
When the people came to know about the area they started their own investigations about the area.All the satellites of different countries were made to focus on the area 51 and all the secrets of area 51 were revealed.What the US Government didn't wanted the same thing happened ,everyone came to know about the secret place and many countries started to copy their technology.For example the H8 stealth bomber of China was exactly copied from the B2 sprit bomber of the United States Air Force.

Aliens and UFOs at area 51

According to conspiracy theories alien ships and UFOs land in area 51 and aliens come out of their ships and they have a direct connection with the US Air force.At those places the air force exchange their technologies with the much advanced technologies of the aliens with which they build much advanced and powerful fighter planes.


All these conspiracy theories started from the statements of BOB LAZAR who claimed that he was working in area 51 as a physicist and saw aliens and UFOs in area 51.But when his background was checked it was found that he had no former qualification with which he can get a job there.But According to Lazar he had completed his masters from MIT and California Institute of Technology but these universities claimed that they had no record for any student with that name.Neither any professor knew him nor he had any photo in any yearbook neither he himself knew that in which year he completed his masters degree.
BOB LAZARBut after checking the background it was known that in 1970 he had done an Electronics course from Bayers Junior college and whatever he knew about science he had studied it in his high school.
Also the thing which is said that a former scientist identified him that he was working with him was not from area 51 but were from LOS ALAMOS central facilty which is in New Mexico.He was working there not as a scientist but as a technician, which is far below than a scientist, that to on a contact basis under the contracter named Cric Mayer and was also fired from the job.
After that he started prostituion work with his wife and later went to Las Vegas to teach other ladies about the benefits of prostitution after which he was considered guilty of promoting those work and was sent to jail.After all this thing he opened a shop named United Nuclear Scientific equipment and supplies where he was selling illegal components with which illegal fireworks can be made and in 2007 he was againn caught and a ban of 3 years was imposed with a fine of 7500$.

Boyd Bushman

Boyd BushmanThe next name in this conspiracy theory was Boyd Bushman who was a retired scientist in area51.He died in august 2014 and after a month of his dying a video comes out in october 2014 which was claimed as his last video in which he confessed the fact that aliens come to area51 and how the US air force personnel contacted with them with special technique of telekinesis and they also share their technology.The video was publicised such that an old man is dying and at that moment why would he lie.
But the video was totally false and it can be proved also.In the video he showed some photos of aliens which he claimed is real.

  • alien pic showed by bushmanThe image shown by him is the same as that of a toy in Walmart super store.This proves that the image is an hoax and is of a toy.
  • alien pic showed by bushmanThis is also another image shown by him alongwith the original image which is available in the internet.This clearly shows that this image is also fake.

Also the other images shown by him were also fake as those images were available in the internet much before he died.Hence all this proves that the images shown by Bushman is totally false and pointless.

Since no proper proof is available that conforms the presence of aliens in area 51 hence it is completely pointless to say that aliens exists in area 51

Recently an user posted in facebook about area 51.

Lets storm area 51

According to this post many people will gather near area 51 on 20 september 2019 and will try to enter the area 51.Actually this is posted in a funny manner. The description of account was showing shitposts.As the name shows it is that account that does shitpost and should not be considered but still a lot of people will gather near area 51 on that day.In the comments about 4,00,000 people have already confirmed that they will come there on that day.On 20th september about 200 people gathered there wearing alien dresses and enjoying and was taken completely as a joke.