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The mystery of devil sea

Devil sea

The Devil's Sea(The Dragon Triangle)

The Beginning

On September 8 ,1980 with about 150,000 Tonnes of iron a ship named DERBYSHIRE was moving ahead towards its destination.Being double the size of titanic and being the most reputed ship of its time no one thought what was about to happen to this gigantic ship.The next day on september 9,1980 under some mysterious conditions the ship along with all its crew members suddenly disappeared in the sea.It was the largest ship of the Britain at that time and also being handled by a much experienced crew members no one thought that this gigantic ship will disappear suddenly.So where did it went and why no traces of it cannot be found.

Devil's Sea

After reading the above facts you could be probably thinking about the Bermuda Triangle but let me clear you that I'am not talking about the bermuda triangle but I am talking about the mystereious Devil's triangle which is located near Japan in the Japan sea.Everyone knows about the Bermuda triangle where many ships and plane disappeared suddenly but how many of you knew about this place.
To know about the ship's condition a large number of researchers who were expert in such paranormal activities were called of from the different parts of the earth to research on the missing ship and a government ship of Japan with all those researchers were sent to that area but the ship never returned.Where did the ship went?After that incident the government also banned all types of activities on that area and the place was declared as a danger zone.

The investigations

Without going to that place just from the satellite image a research was performed that showed that like the Bermuda triangle it also formed a triangle.

the triangle formed in the japan sea by the devils triangle.

But this was just a small fact.The satellite also noticed that the Bermuda triangle , the zone of silence in mexico ,the Great pyramids of Giza and the Devil's Triangle all lie in the same latitude and fits in a perfect straight line.Just think four of the world's biggest mystery lie in the same latitude.Is this just or coincidence or something else just imagine.

alignment formed by the devil sea , the pyramids,the silence zone and the bermuda triangle

Because of this alignment it is believed that there is some connection between these wo mysterious place on the earth ,the devil's sea and the devils triangle.


Many theories came out and explained the various reasons about this strange disappearances of the ships and planes.Let's discover them

  • A group of Japanese people think that there are some mysterious and paranormal forces inside this sea which swallows these ships and planes.According to them there is a dragon underwater here which destroys everything which coems here.Hmm soudns weird
  • Another group of people think that there is a portal inside this sea which swallows the ships and sends them to another world in the parallel universe.This type of hypothesis was also given in case of bermuda triangle.When science cannot answer our questions we have to believe this kind of theories only.
  • Another group of people says that there are ghosts and other paranormal things here which causes these phenomenon
In 1987 researchers started to think about the possible things which are present in the sea below the point where ships and planes disappear.Many attempts were made but all of them failed and the researchers who went there died and never returned.But a group of 2 divers successfully completed the researched and came back.They did the research underwater and successfully completed it.They were searching for evidences along the border line of the devils triangle.While diving they noticed that the sea rocks had a proper shape as if it was carved by some human and put there in the sea because such pattens are not possible naturally as they have rough shapes.Just have a look at it.

Mysterious shapes of the rock in the sea bed near devil's sea
Mysterious shapes of the rock in the sea bed near devil's sea

Researchers claim that these structures are made by some humans and dropped there but who as any writing about these structures was not found in any of the historical books of Japan. There must be some connection between those mysterious stones and the disappearing ships.

Actually what happens there

According to some survivors who went there and came back from a distance noticed that after entering those places the compass will stop working and all electrical appliances will start to malfunction.Rough tides will soon start in the sea and weather suddenly changes a lot and lightning and thunders starts.Even people have claimed to see some mysterious items on the sky which looks like a UFO or something like that.Many people have claimed to have seen a whirlpool in the sea.
Many theories also claim that they see pirate ships in the sea with no crew members.Just imagine the situation there.Many claims that the phonomena of time dialation occurs there and people have experienced that.Time dialation is a scientifically proven phenomena and happens in real life also in places near to a blackholes.But why does this things happen in places like these and forces us to think out of science.