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The reality of flat earth society

flat earth

The reality of flat earth society

Hope everyone has at some point of time have studied about our planet earth. We all know it is round/spherical and rotates around the sun. But there are a group of peoples who believe that the earth is not round rather it is flat. The earth does not rotate around sun rather the sun rotates our earth.They have given many theories about it and they will make you believe in their theory as well if you are not able to answer their questions. Let us see all those questions and also concentrate on the theories given by them and debunk them.

The ideology of the Flat Earth society

Some of the most famous ideologies of the flat earth society people are as follows.

  • The earth is not round and the images of earth sent to us by the NASA is not correct as the images are taken using a fish eye lens which makes thing curved.
  • The earth does not rotate around the sun rather the sun rotates around earth.
  • The earth completes its one rotation at a time of 24 hours ie at a speed of 1670 km/hr.According to the flat earth society if the earth rotates at this speed than if we fly a helicopter at a height and keep it constant at a place then after an hour we will reach 1670 km from our original destination.
  • If we go in a plane from west to east it should take more time to cover the distance as the earth spins from east to west.Also in the return journey from east to west it should take less time.
  • They also say that if earth is round then after take off the planes should not travel straight rather it should travel in a curve parallel to earth surface.
  • The images shown to us by NASA is fake.These are the various images of earth shown to us by NASA at various time interval
    NASA orbitting earth in various time interval
    According to flat earth society these images are fake as all these images look entirely different and are photoshopped.Actually the size of north America is different in images of 2012 and other years so they claim it is fake.
These are the most common questions of the flat earth society which they ask. Now let us debunk all these theories and its time for the reality.

The truth behind the flat earth.

Let us answer these questions briefly

  • The answer to the the helicopter staying at a constant place and not moving its position and the aeroplane going from east to west is common and is very simple.
    Actually the helicopter you hover and the plane you fly are in our atmosphere and the earth does not rotate alone, as many people think, but also rotates along with the atmosphere. Since helicopter is hovering at a constant place in our atmosphere and also the atmosphere is moving with earth so the helicopter's position remain unchanged as the atmosphere along with the helocopter and the earth is moving.Same is also the case with the aeroplanes.
    This can be explained with a simple example.Suppose you are driving your car at a speed oh 80kmph and sudddenly a fly enters the car but as the car is moving the fly doesn't get hit by the glass of car as the whole atmosphere of the car is moving but as soon as brakes are applied the fly hits the car glass.The same happens with the earth also.When it will stop spinning people will realize the speed of rotation of earth that is 1670 kmph.
  • The answer to the question about why planes follow a straight line and not a curved line is that the planes fly at a very high altitude and the curvature of earth is very large so the planes will see the earth as a flat area and curves won't be noticed.For the planes it would almost like a flat place.
  • As per the flat earth theory NASA live stream uses fish eye lens to show the earth is round. If they used fish eye lens then everything should be curved. If you notice the live stream in you tube you will see that except for earth everything else is normal in shape.This contradicts that NASA vidoes are true.
  • As per the image of earth at various time interval is considered some images have larger North America while some have smaller.So what is this.Actually what NASA does is it takes multiple photos and combines them to one photo as these photos are taken very close to earth. This is the thing NASA also admitted and is done to make the image look like the earth and hence the variations occurs.

Simple proofs for you that the earth is flat

These are the proofs you can check at home for the proof that the earth is not flat.

  • If earth is flat then how does the eclipses occur as the earth cannot come in betwwen anything as it is flat
  • The curvy shades you seen on moon is due to earth's shadow and if the earth was flat then the moon would not have these curves of shade.

Examples of attempts to prove flat Earth

Mike Hughes, a daredevil and flat-Earth conspiracy theorist, used a homebuilt manned-rocket in an attempt to see for himself if the Earth is flat on 24 March 2018.[55] His rocket made of scrap metal was estimated to cost $20,000, and using a mobile home as a custom launchpad managed to climb 1,875 feet with Hughes inside and ended with a hard landing but with parachutes successfully deploying. The amateur rocketeer was not seriously injured and remains firm in his flat Earth beliefs. He claims that real evidence will come with "larger rockets".