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What if moon disappears

moon orbitting the earth

What will happen if the moon suddenly disappears or bursts?


Some 450 crore years ago a new planet was formed in the solar system whose name was kept as earth after 450 crore years by creatures called as human who evolved on that planet due to some complex phenomena that happened on that planet.So lets dive deeper and see what was that and how it affected the entire earth.


When earth was formed it was not having any natural satellite like moon neither any signs of life.The earth used to rotate around the sun alone until after some few thousands of years later from the infinite boundries of the universe a meteorite whose shape was almost as big as the mars collided with the planet earth as a result a large part of earth broke down into small pieces and went into the space but due to the huge gravitational force of the earth they were retained at the top of the earth. Overtime these small pieces combined together to form a white colur spherical structure which started rotating around the earth and which we call now as our moon.

A metorite as large as mars collided with the earth

And thus the very beautiful the brother of planet earth , the Moon, was born.And due to this formation of moon the life started on earth.If this moon was not formed then the life on earth would not have been started and you were not sitting here reading my article.

Importance of moon for the earth.

We have listened many times and at many places that moon is crucial for the proper functioning of the earth but now let us understand the Importance of the moon in our earth.

Tides as caused due to moon

Its a well known fact that all the tides are controlled by the moon.The moon actually pulls the water of the earth towards itself through its gravity as it rotates around the earth and this causes a phenomena of what we call as tides.Many people think is tides are caused due to winds but it actually happens due to the moon sitting at 3,84,000 kms away from the earth.
Actually Sun also pulls the water towards itself but due to its large distance it does not make much difference.
Now let us imagine the moon under some mysterious conditions bursts and all its pieces are thrown into the space.Let's see what all things can happen in the earth after that.I can assure that this is one of the most dangerous hypothesis of the destruction of earth.
So Let's begin
Since moon is no longer available to pull the water towards itself all the control of the sea will go to the sun which will not be able to affect much as its is far away from earth and then some unexpected things happen
The things happening in the earth after this are described below in timestamps.

In one minute

As moon is no longer available to pull the water big big waves as high as a Tsunami starts to rise in the sea and cyclones and hurricanes will start across all the coastlines of the world.Everyone is in a panic and no one is able to understand what is happening at that moment.

In five minutes

Within five minutes people across all the coastline will experience waves as high as a tsunami along with a cyclonic wind.Those people will be seeing their city submerging in water in minutes.The major parts of the world affected will be the coastlines which includes major parts of The United States of America ,Canada ,Russia and a major part of India as these countries have a much larger coastlines. Also the marine biodiversity is going to be in great danger and may become extinct also.

In one hour

Within One hour all the coastline across the earth and the nearby cities are submerged completely in water. The cities which were near the waters is now under the waters.But then a strange thing happen and the water level stabilises itself and becomes calm.That means the impact was only for one hour.But this one hour will make huge destruction to the earth. But wait something unexpected is yet to come.

In 24 hours

Its night time now but since moon is not there in the sky people are looking into the sky and thinking of it.
But wait when earlier moon was there then the earth used to rotate around the axis at about 23.5 degrees inclined axis which was controlled by the moon but now there is no moon to control it so the earth begins to terribly shake around its axis.The earth rotates at around 23.5 degrees to the axis
And due to this terrible shaking every hour the season of the earth is changing. The places where there used to extreme heats will start getting snowfalls and places of extreme cold will experience extreme heat.The equator would not be the hottest place on the earth anymore neither the arctic and antartic would be the coldest region.Due to this sudden change in temperature the ice caps at the arctic and the antartic would begin to melt and sea levels would increase drastically after that.Kashmir where the temperature was 20 degree celsius would have temperature as high as 50 degrees and while regions like Chennai would have snowfalls.
This is due to the earth shaking in its own axis. Due to this shake there will be many earthquakes happening every second across the globe and all the volcanoes would become active .

In the next 12 hours

Within seconds the temperature goes as down as 0 degree celsius which freezes the drinking water and tank water and people are not able to drink it. The news channels starts flashing the news that out of 7 billion people on the earth 1billion have already died in the coastal reigons.

The 5th day

Without the moon in this ever changing climate it is very hard to survive. In one second it is 0 degree celsius while the other second it is 50 degree celcius. Due to the tsunamis the underwater life is completely destroyed.Many native sea creatures are not able to survive and many hybrid like fishes start to appear in the seawaters who can survive on those conditions.
Farmers are not able to grow their crops in this conditions of changing climate and now foods are grown only in science labs under controlled environmental conditions which will make the cost even higher and many wont be able to afford it also.There would be extreme scarcity of food across the globe.People are making underground basements to protect themselves and are hiding themselves in it.

The 6th day

Five days have passed and something just happend no one expexted. The sixth day has come just after 6 hours. Yes due to the non presense of moon the length of a day is reduced to 6 hours due to the change in earth rotation speed which was controlled earlier by moon.Now 1 day consist of 6 hours with 3 hours day and 3 hours night and not 24 hours. In the earlier definition of a day there are 4 sunrises now.Each previous day contains 4 days of current system.All the earlier watches and time system are of no use today and are meaningless.Scientists are making new time system now.

After a month

People after a month are habituated in this conditions and are thinking about their previous time.The human race did not get extinct after this incident as people can survive under any conditions and they have this ability. They have discovered new means to live and survive.


Now come out of this story as nothing such happened and you are in your place only reading my article.You could have earned a huge knowledge about how important the moon is to the earth.It is almost as important as sun is to earth.

Now the story told above ,according to some theorists, happened with the mars planet many thousands of year ago. According to them mars had a big moon earlier and also had life. But due to a dying star also called as a supernova emitted very high frequency gamma radiations which destroyed the satellite of the mars and made the planet disbalanced and over the years the conditions became so worse that the life became finished as the conditions went very bad.

The surface of mars

Scientists in today's world have noted that the mars is shaking in its axis as we saw in the hypothesis above.

Now you may be thinking about any near star which may explode and kill our moon then there is no need to worry as there is not any such dying star nearby.The nearst star Alpha Centauri is far more distance of about 4.2 light years and is in completely working condition and is not a threat.