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The mystery of time travel revealed

time travel

The mystery behind the time travel incidents debunked

Many peoples have given various theories to prove that time travel really happened.There are many images on the internet which claims to prove the time travel incidents.Lets see each of them

  • Let's take the first image .Have a look at it
    The man with funky goggles and jeans in 1940sThis photo was taken in november 1940 in the South Fork Bridge Canada. Everything looks normal in the image until some people claimed that the guy in the red circle is a time traveller as his clothes are modern and also he is wearing goggles which according to some people was not available in that time and hence classified him as a time traveller.
    This photo was taken at a time when the place was in a flood and was kept in an exhibition in 2004 in a museum.The exhibition was named as "Their Past lives here" and many of those photos in the exhibition were digitalised in 2010.After the digitalisation in 2010 this photo came in people's hand and everyone started claiming that he is time traveller.The main focus of this photo was his good looks, goggles,his t shirt and a camera in his hand. Lets see the truth.
    The goggles he was wearing was common in those times. This was used by many celebrtities at those times.
    time travel pic of a google in 1940
    While his tshirt is considered it is of Montreal maroons hockey team playing between 1924 and 1938 and he might be their big fan and might have purchased their t shirt.
    As far as his camera is concerned these types of camera were produced by kodak much before 1930 and was very much compact and he might have purchased them.
    Hence it is proved that he is not a time traveller and is person who follows fashion very much and is a normal person.

  • Now let's come to the Mike Tyson 1995 boxing match.Have a look at the image bolow.
    Mike Tyson 1995 boxing matchIn this photo you can see a lady in the crowd is using a camera phone to shoot the boxing match but the first camera phone was launched in 2000.So how did the lady got the phone to use.Let's see
    The CASIO company at that time was building portable cameras with which you can record video and photos.It is the same camera.
    Casio portable camera in 1990
    This is the same device
  • Now lets see our third image
    A lady talking in a phone in mid 1900
    Meet this young lady talking in a phone in 1950s and a time traveller according to some people.At that time while talking in a phone she was going somewhere.Let's see
    The thing in her hands may be a purse or something like a glass cover with which she might be trying to cover her face as there were cameraman nearby her.
    Also this cannot be a mobile phone as there were no towers at that time and hence no mobile signals so that she can talk to anyone.But some idiotic peoples may say she brought a tower and satellites with her when she came from future.
  • Here is the fourth image
    lady talking in phone in charlie chaplin's movie
    This photo was taken during a shooting of a Charlie Chaplin movie.In this photo a lady is again talking in phone but if you look closely then it might look like a manual hearing aid which was popular in those times.Also due to reasons mentioned in previous point it is not possible that she is talking in phone.
  • Let's have a glance at the fifth image
    movie scene in 1948 with hero using gps
    This is an image of a movie of 1948 where the image shows he was using a GPS while going on a cart.He was holding a mobile device.Let's find out
    But this is not a phone. If you closely look at the image it is a notepad and not a phone.Also consider the fact that this is a movie. Movie makers always fool peoples and why the hell are people believing in a movie.
  • Our next clue is a video.Have a look at this youtube video

    Here a man enters a shop mysteriously and as he enters the date and time on camera starts to fluctuate and as the man comes out it becomes normal.What do you think about it.Is this a real example of time lapse.Let's discover.
    If you investigate a little bit this video is a trailer of an augmented reality MMO based game created by delta game. The name of game is delta T and is based on theme of time travel.
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