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Top 9 methods on how to earn money online in 2019

Earning money online was never a easy task and certainly its not now also.Well I am here to clear all your doubts and will surely help you in this topic.So lets get started on my top 10 tips on how to earn money online.

  • Pc or a laptop or a smartphone
  • Ample Time
  • A Decent Internet connection

#1. Create a blog

Well many people think blogging is an old fashion and its trend is going doing in recent years but trust me guys blogging is one the best ways to earn online(Google AdSense).The only thing you should have is patience.

Blogs can be created on any topic you are interested in and about which you can write about.The only thing which matters in yor blog is the content.Don't copy anything from anywhere and have patience.

There are many ways to create a blog among which the best way is to create a free blog in websites like blogger.com and wix.com.
Our complete tutorial on the most porfitable topics in 2019 to make a blog is available here.

Earn money through Blogging

Here I will tell you about the most profitable and best topics to start your blogging career in 2019 and some of my tips and tricks to succeed in blogging career.


First you should be knowing about yourself on which topic you are interseted and can write for a long time without getting bored.Here is my list of some trending topics and your scope in each topics

  • Technology
  • Food and lifestyle
  • News articles
  • Travel and tourism
  • Fashion
  • Sports
  • Books and literature
  • Games
Lets take each topic and see in detail aboout it

1. Technology


This is the trend of the technology based searches in India. This graph shows the amount searches made on google in past one year on the topic of technology.
As you can see the graph never comes and down and is increasing overtime hence it can be a better topic to start on
But since the topic is large so the competition is also large and hence you have to work hard to earn a good money.

2.Food and lifestyle


This is the trend of the food and lifestyle based searches in India. This graph shows the amount searches made on google in past one year on the topic .
You can notice that in the recent years the number of searches in the topic have increased drastically and is a great market for blogging industry.
Since the topic is recently trending so you can make good articles and try to rank them on google.

3.News Articles


This is the trend of the news articles based searches in India. This graph shows the amount searches made on google in past one year on the topic .
Since the curves are not high but still it is a good topic to start your blog on and capture a large audience and for sure this will rise in recent years.

4.Travel and Tourism


This is the trend of the tourism based searches in India.
Since the curves are high this is surely a good topic to start your blog.You can write about any popular location of India or of the world about which you know and can write about .



This is the trend of the Fashion based searches in India.
Since the curves are high you can make a lot on the blogs on these topics and is ever profitable.You can write reviews about fashion products and can even do marketing for some fashion based product on your blog.



This is the trend of the sports based searches in India in past year.Notice how the curves get increased during some sport event like IPLs or CWC .
This can surely be a nice topic to start a blog on and earn huge.



This is the trend of the literature and book based searches in India in past one year.Notice how the curves it is quite stable and has a large market .
This can surely be a nice topic to start a blog on and earn huge.You can review books and many other literature based item



This is the trend of the sports based searches in India in past year.With the introduction of games like PUBG and Fortnite the trend has increased.
You can blog on these topics as well and tell your viewers about game tricks and tips and many other strategies of playing games.

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#2. Earn from online surveys.

Online surveys are a great tool for earning money in 2019 and just require you to take small surveys which takes about 5-15 minutes and require you to answer some questions on the survey.

You can make about 50Rs to 1000Rs depending on many factors like length of the survey and the country you are living in.

What are surveys and why companies pay you?

Surveys are generally done by MNCs to know the audience and their choice and preferences.You just need to signup to their website and start answering the questons.

Here are a list of some great websites to earn through online surveys

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#3. Earn with affiliate marketing.

Affiliate marketing is one of the best ways to earn money in 2019. Many comapnies like Amazon ,Flipkart,Shopclues and Paytm offers their affiliate marketing options in which you need to become an affiliate to their company and if anyone purchases through your link you will get a commision.

You can make about 10000Rs and more in many cases per month using affiliate marketing depending on the number of people visiting your

To best place to start your affilaite marketing is amazon as it offers an unique property which other affiliate marketing agency does not provide.


The above image is the representation of affiliate marketing
The basic requirement of an affiliate marketing is a website or a blog which is required in the signup process.
To know about how to make a blog free of cost click here

Affiliate marketing can be seen as the process of spreading product creation and product marketing across different parties, where each party receives a share of the revenue according to their contribution.

The various online retailers and their commision are

Amazon : Upto 10% based on category

Ebay : Upto 4%-8% based on category

Etsy : Upto 8% based on category

Walmart : Upto 4% based on category

Aliexpress : Upto 8-9% based on category

Newegg : Upto 0.5-1% based on category

Just create an affiliate account on these websites and promote it to earn cash prize

#4. Earn from android and ios apps.

There are many apps in the android and ios app stores which offers you to earn money just by watching and clicking on the ads shown in the screen.

But beware as 90% of those app are fake and they dont even give you a penny for using their app while they may be earning in lakhs just by the ads on which we click.The rest 10% apps will pay you for one or two months after which they will also not pay you anyhting

I personally have wasted a lot of time on those nonsense apps so my advice to you is stay away from those nonsense apps and utilise your previous time.

But since there are many true and honest developers also so you can get some apps which are true and who pay their visitors regularly and remember to download app from a trusted developer.

#5. Earn from PTC sites.

You can also make some money by joining some trusted PTC sites where you need to click on advertisements and they pay to you .

Usually those websites wont give you much but still you can earn something but the good thing is there is no investmen in it.

What are PTC sites and why they pay you?

These websites show ads to you on which you have to click and through that th website earns some money for which they keep a part to themselves and rest are given to you.

Here are a list of some great and trusted PTC website for you to earn some money

Here are some important points to consider about PTC sites

There are thousands of PTC sites but most of them are fake. Only few of the sites are really trusted & paying their members.
And ClixSense & NeoBux are 2 sites which are powerful and paying their members without fail.
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#6. Virtual Assistant .

The work of a virtual assistant is the same as a physical assistant except for the fact that you need not to be present at the site and you can do the whole work from your home on your pc.

The work includes writing content for websites and blogs,publishing content,research ,web development,app development etc..

A virtual assistant is like a personal assistant who can earn money by working online for someone without being physically present.
He can do variety of tasks like taking care of websites, counseling, writing & proofreading, publishing content, marketing, coding, website & app development, research etc.

Here are a list of some great and trusted virtual assistant website for you to earn some money

Here are my picks for some of the great virtual assistant book available online on amazon

#7. Publish a kindle e-book .

If you are capable in writing some good contents about some topics which are familiar to you or you are interseted in it then this method is for you.

This includes writing the content and publishing as an ebook in amazon kindle store and And the Kindle app is now available on almost any device (laptops, iPads, smartphones and yes, Kindles) so your global market is huge!

#8. Earn through you tube.

Earning through youtube is one of the best way to earn money and recogniton globally but this generally takes time and patience for doing it.

For earning create a youtube channel which is free and post some awesome contents whch attracts many people

Since youtube is a huge growing market having an account and managing some views on your video you can earn a lot.

The basic requirement is to have a gmail account and with that create a channel.

Decide the topic on which you can make videos and take only those topics which are relatable to you and you dot get bored through it over the years.The only thing required is patience and hard work .

Based on the content of your channel you mmay make youtube your full time earning medium after you get atleast 100K subscribers which will give you a good watchtime

Once you start your channel up start publicity of the channel and try to gain some subscribers

Here is my pick of the best books available on amazon.com click on the image to proceed

#9. Become a captcha solver.

This is one of the easiest way to earn money online. You need to solve the captcha images & characters .

You need to be very fast in order to earn something. You can get paid up to 150Rs for every 1000 successful captchas you solve.

There are many trusted and useful websites which may help you in these some of them are