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Innovations to stop global warming

Global warming

Role of technology to combat global warming

Hope all of you know about global warming and doesn't need any introduction about the topic. This is the thing whole world is worried about and needs the solution. Global warming is one the most dangerous threat to our planet.
We are in 21st century now and have developed many advanced technology. But can these technology help us in reducing global warming.Let's see

In this article we will see the various innovations that have been done in past few years to reduce global warming and lets see how effective it is

Technologies to combat global warming

  • Largest Air Purifier in China

    The biggest air purufier in china
    This is the largest air Purifier build by China and is a 100-meter high tower located in the city of Xian in Shaanxi province of northern China. This is just a research organised by the Institute of Earth Environment at the Chinese Academy of Sciences.
    This was just an experiment and is still working in that region.According to local peoples this air purufier has cleaned the air in about 10m2 area and is still producing fresh air.This is an innovative idea. Let's see how it works.
    The tall cylinder in the middle absorbs all the air present near it. The captured air is trapped in a grrenhouse present in the cylinder.Now when the sun rays fall into the greenhouse it absorbs the heat and as the trapped air gets heated the carbon and other dissolved components gets vaporised and rises to the top of the chamber where it is collected and disposed off properly.
    In this way the largest air purufier works.

  • Carbon reuse in Iceland

    Iceland has deviced a method to effectively counter the carbon emmision from its industries.As we all know that the Iceland meets its 25% of the power requirements from the geothermal energy and the land below the country is very hot.
    The global warming reduction by carbon sucking in iceland and switzerland
    So what Iceland does is it captures all the carbon that are emitted from the industries and send it back to earth where it is solidified due to earth's heat and is converted to stones. Also many places these carbon instead of dumping it is passed on to greenhouses where it is used to power the fruit and vegetable plants and helps to increase the productivity.This kind of thing is also practised in Switzerland

  • Converting carbon to electricity

    The team, from the Ulsan National Institute of Science and Technology, took as a starting point of their research the fact that when CO2 is absorbed into the sea—which is where most CO2 emissions end up—the acidity levels of the water rise. As per their report, “If acidity increases, the number of protons increases, which in turn increases the power to attract electrons. If a battery system is created based on this phenomenon, electricity can be produced by removing CO2.” The system that the researchers invented very much resembles a fuel cell in which the reaction starts when CO2 is injected into the water, which contains the catalyst necessary for the reaction and the sodium metal cathode. The team reports the system has a pretty high conversion efficiency at 50 percent and has operated for more than 1,000 hours without the electrodes sustaining any damage.

  • Changing cloud properties

    Artificial cloud to reduce global warming
    This is a prototype of a proposed model that would float in sea water and would collect water from the sea and collect it and is converted to vapour and is thrown into clouds when it is converted into vapour. These vapours go into the sky and mix with the clouds and forms more cloud that rain. Also these vapours make the clouds more reflective which reflects more of the heat radiation coming from the sun into the outer atmosphere.This idea in overall helps in increased rainfall with less heat radiation coming to earth.

  • Artificial trees in Mexico

    A new initiative taken up by a new startup Biomi Tech in Mexico which involves creating Artificial trees and installing them. These trees will not give fruits or vegetables but will absorb CO2 and give out oxygen. As claimed by the company one single artificial plan will produce oxygen equivalent to 368 natural trees.
    artificial trees to combat air pollution
    It is about 14 feet high and has solar panels embedded into it so that it runs on its own.It is also claimed that it can daily purify air for about 2890 peoples.The initial cost of this device is about $50,000 and is bit costly.

  • Iceberg making submarine

    95% of the old and durable ice of the arctic has already melt down and the newer ones are taking time to form. To combat this a designer of Indonesia has designed a submarine that will go into water and then puruify a certain quantity of water which is then freezed into big pieces of ice and then released back to sea so that it forms big glaciers in upcoming time.
    submarine to generate ice bergs
    This will mainly help in restoring polar regions and will not help in global temperature.

This is for this article hope you liked it. Bubye.