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Gaganyaan ISRO's first step to space exploration


What is Gaganyaan mission?

The Gaganyaan project was announced by Prime Minister Narendra Modi during his Independence Day speech last year. Three-member Indian crew will be sent to space for a period of seven days as part of the mission. The spacecraft will be placed in a low earth orbit of 300-400 km. Two uncrewed and one crewed flight will be undertaken as part of the Gaganyaan mission. Four Indian astronauts will go to Russia by November this year for 15 months of training for this purpose, which will take place at the Yuri Gagarin Cosmonaut Training Centre. The rigorous training in Russia will be followed by further training back home in India for six to eight months.

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History of the Gaganyaan mission?

The mission was announced by Prime minister Narendra Modi in 2018 but the planning had started from 2008. The government was ready but there were many problems to this project.
First we were not having such a powerful launch vehicle like GSLV that time which could be used at that time.
Also there were global economic breakdown at that time which also contributed to the delay in the project.GIF On gaganyaan msiion

What is the cost of the Gaganyaan mission?

The Gaganyaan mission was alloted a total fund of 10,000 crores by the government which is far more than the requirements of the project. With these funds the ISRO can carry out two unmanned test missions along with the main manned mission.

Why is Gaganyaan called human space mission and not manned mission?

According to Union minister Jitendra Singh the vyomanauts choosen will not only be men but can also be women. Hence it is called as a human space flight but not the manned space flight.

What are objectives of Gaganyaan mission?

The mission is designed for the exploration of low earth orbits which is generally 300-400kms away from the earth's surface. The vyomanauts will reach the distance and will spend 7 days in the space in a capsule which will be provided initially and will return back to earth on that capsule. The capsule will land somewhere in the Bay of Bengal or the Arabian and will be tracked down. As soon as the capsule lands it will be tracked down and the vyomanauts will be rescued by the navy.

Which launch vehicle is used for Gaganyaan mission?

Geosynchronous Satellite Launch Vehicle mark 3 (GSLV MK III)
The total weight of all the payloads in this mission is about 3300kgs which is very heavy.For this mission thus the largest and the most advanced rocket The Geosynchronous Satellite Launch Vehicle mark 3 (GSLV MK III) is used which is suitable for taking these weights into space.

How many peoples will go into space

The total of 3 vyomanauts will be selected for the mission who will be the officers of the Indian air force and will be selected by the Indian Air Force based on many tests which it will conduct to test the overall physical and mental capabilities of the three vyomanauts to be selected.

What are vyomanauts?

The people who explore the space from the satelites launched from India are called vyomanauts.
This is the same like the space explorers of the mission carried out by the USA are called ASTRONAUTS and that of carried by the Russians are called COSMONAUTS.

How many vyomanauts are shorlisted till now

IAF tweet about the selection of the vyomanauts
IAF tweet about the selection of vyomanauts
The Indian Air Force on Friday said it has completed the first level of selecting astronauts for the ambitious Gaganyaan mission from its pool of test pilots. The test pilots underwent necessary extensive physical exercise tests, lab investigations, radiological tests, clinical tests and evaluation on various aspects of their psychology. Air Force sources said 25 test pilots were part of the initial selection process.

Preperation to the Gaganyaan mission?

In 2014, India tested a Crew Module Atmospheric Re-entry Experiment (CARE), where a 3,745 kg space capsule a prototype of the crew module that will be used by the Indian astronauts was launched into the atmosphere on the first flight of the GSLV Mk III and then safely recovered from the Bay of Bengal.
the model constructed by the ISRO to demonstrate the Gaganyaan mission
Since then,ISRO has also mastered the art of making a spacesuit which will be used by Indian astronauts when they get sent into space from Sriharikota.
Earlier in 2018, ISRO carried out a crucial Pad Abort Test on July 5, when a 12.5-ton crew module was tested to make sure in case of an accident on the launchpad, the crew can be rescued safely.

Space suits of the Gaganyaan mission.

spacesuits to be used in gaganyaan mission
The space suits used by the vyomanauts in the mission is designed by the Vikram Sarabhai space center in Thrivandrum and will be used in the mission.

The pre testing of Gaganyaan mission?

Since the budget alloted to the mission is very high so ISRO is planning to perform two unmanned missions before the final mission in 2022. The first unmanned mission will be launched in december 2020 while the second one will be launched in july 2021 6 months before the final mission in December 2021.

What will the Gaganyaan mission achieve?

A large amount of 10000 crores is sanctioned for the mission but it wont have any scientific effect on the world neither it will discover anything new. But there will be long term effects of it. After the mission India will become the fourth country in the world to send its nationals to the space all by itself.It is also expected to generate employment and train human resources in advanced technology.
Also it will inspire large numbers of students to take science and technology as career for national development.
Also it will create a soft power for India in world.

Partners in Gaganyaan mission?

The ISRO is partnering with the Vikram Sarabhai Space Centre ,the Indian Air Force and the space agency of Russia for training purposes.

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