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8 factors to buy a smartphone in 2019

There are many things taken into considerations while buying a smartphone.Here in this article I will tell you about the things taken in considerations.Here are my points which you should consider to buy a phone in various price categories and some of the great phones available in the market in that price segment



The main thing a person should see in a phone is the processors.The processors are generally made by qualcomm and is the most popular company when it comes to processors.The other companies who build thier own processors are MediaTek ,Samsung,Huawei and Apple.

The first thing you have to see is the fabrication processs ,ie 14nm/10nm/8nm, of the processor.The lower the number the higher is the efficency of the processor.

The latest processors are based on 7nm technology and are much power efficent and blazingly fast.The lower the fabrication process the better and faster it performs.

The other thing is the number of cores ie dual,quad,octa . Generally the processor available are octa core

Cores are like the helping hands of the processor so the higher the number of cores higher is the efficiency and performance.

The next thing is the GPU which are generally of two brands MALI and Adreno .Generally Adreno GPUs are mostly used and are much better in performance as compared to Mali GPUs of same price range

While checking the processor check for the fast charge support and its 4G and 5G support camera support and its download speed .

One golden rule for choosing processors is that the higher the number the better is the processor like snapdragon 675 is better than snapdragon 660 which in turn is better than snapdragon 636.

Also the processors in the end of a series are better than the processors on the front of the next series.For example the last processor of qualcomm 600 series (qualcomm snapdragon 675) is better than the first processor of the next 700 series processors(Qualcomm snapdragon 710).


Here is my list of processors and the maximum price you should be paying for the phones using these processors:-

  • All MediaTek processors except mediaTek helio P70 and P90 and G90T
  • Qualcomm Snapdragon 636 and below
  • Kirin 659 and below
All the processors shown above should not be purchased above 11000Rs otherwise it would not be a perfect deal for money
  • Qualcomm snapdragon 660,665,670
  • MediaTek helio P70 and P90
  • Kirin 710
The maximum you can pay for these processors are 16000-17000 and not more than that
  • Qualcomm snapdragon 675,710,712 and 730
  • Kirin 810
  • Mediatek Helio G90T
These processors can be maximum valued for Rs 24000-25000 only and not more than that
  • Qualcomm snapdragon 730 ,730G, 855 and 855+
  • Exynos 9820
  • Apple A13 Bionic chip
  • Kirin 980
These processors are are heavy and are always preferred and money should not be a factor on purchasing these phones.


There are some phones like pixel 3A and pixel 3A lite which comes with snapdragon 665 and snapdragon 670 and are priced above 30000 and the reasons are mentioned ahead in the article.

#2 :Battery and charging technology


The battery is also an important factor that should be taken into factor while choosing a smartphone.The battery is measured in a quantity called as mAh(mili ampere hour).A higher number means that the battery can store more energy, so it has a higher capacity. Of course, this also means longer battery life for a given usage.

For instance a battery of 3500mAh can power a device drawing 100mA in 35 hours

For a normal usage that lasts for a day the battery should be abovee 3700mAh as many of the phones offer the same in many phones.

Another important factor is fast charging support and a fast charger in the box which some of the phones provides nowadays while some not.

Most of the phone packs a 2V 5A charger which is a 10Wcharger(2V*5A).This 10W charger is a slow charger and will take a more than 2 hours to fully charge a phone of 3500mAh battery.

Any charger which is above 10W is a fast charger and many companies uses fast charging technlogies some of them are OnePlus(20W :5V* 4A,30W :5W*6A),Realme(20W:5V*4A),Samsung(18W:9V*2A, 25W:12.5v*2A),Xiaomi(18W:9V*2A),Vivo(22.5W), Huawei(40W:10V*5A) and Oppo(50W:10V*5A)

Some of the terminologies used for fast chargers by various companies are:

  • Dash Charge::One Plus :: 20W
  • Warp Charge::One Plus :: 30W
  • Dual Engine fast charger::Vivo:22.5W
  • Vooc charging::Oppo,Realme::20W
  • Super Vooc::Oppo::50W(The fastest in commercial production)
  • Adaptive Fast charger::Samsung::18W
  • Huawei Fast Charge::Huawei::40W

There are many charging technologies showcased but still not on production some of them are 100W charging by Xiaomi and 120W charging by vivo.

Check also for wireless charging system in your phone.

In this era where many phones give a 50W fast charger in the box apple ships an almighty 5W charger in the box.


==> Before purchasing a phone check whether the phone ships a fast charger in the box or not.

==> Always use the charger and cable provided in the box and in case it is lost purchase it from verified shop and makesure the output is same as of the previous.

Some fast charger available in market(Click on the image to follow

amazon productfast charger on amazon amazon productfast charger on amazonamazon productfast charger on amazon

#3 :Camera

camera smartphone

If you are a photo lover then having a great camera is a must in your phone.Nowadays phone offer from 1-4 rear camera while upto 2 front cameras and in some cases it is 3 also(Samsung Galaxy A80)

Lets first kickoff with the rear cameras.In the rear portion there is always a primary camera which takes the photos and videos.In case of multiple cameras at the rear the other cameras asssit the main camera and each type of camera has its own function.

To assist the primary camera there are other type of lenses available

  • Telephoto Lens : Used for optical zoom
  • Wide Angle Lens : Wide field of view of the camera
  • Monochrome lens : For black and white images
  • Depth Sensor : For taking portrait images
  • 3D time of flight lens: 3d camera for 3D image sensing

Aperture is also a Widely used term in camera where it determines the amount of light entering the camera lens.Higher aperture means less light will enter that leads to low quality low light images and vice versa.

Megapixel count is also a important factor.Higher the megapixel count better is the picture but it is not the only thing that matters.Post processing of the images done by software inside it also matters a lot. Like if the post processing is good a 12MP camera can perform better than a 20MP camera.

A telephoto or a wide angle lens can provide huge utilities to you check for them in your phone.

The best camera performance is of Google pixel 3 which has a single 12MP camera and captures the best images both in day and night.

Huawei P30 Pro and Oppo Reno 10X zoom provides you the 50X and 60X digital zooming capabilities.

Here are some best camera phones available in the market

  • Iphone XS Max
  • Samsung Galaxy S10+
  • One Plus 7 Pro
  • Huawei P30 Pro
  • Google Pixel 3
  • One Plus 7
  • Redmi K20 Pro
  • Asus Zenfone 6Z
  • Oppo Reno

The best camera in market till now is of google pixel 3 due to ita amazing softwares.


Please read user review about the camera before purchasing any new phone


The display is another major aspect of a smartphone and is very crucial for the performance of the phone

There are various type of display available like TFT LCD, IPS LCD ,OLED,AMOLED and Super AMOLED.The retina display which Apple uses is a fancy term and its just a normal Amoled screen.

If your budget is below 20,000 then you will get a good IPS LCD display but some phones like OPPO K3, RealMe X and some Samsung phones provides super amoled display in that price point. The Amoled screens are more battery efficient and will give you much better blacks as compared to LCD screens and are better

The next factor is the resolution ie HD(480p),HD+(720p),FHD+(1080p),QHD+(1440p).Higher the resolution the much better display you get.But QHD+ displays consumes more power than a FHD+ screen.Whatever phone you purchase it should have atleast FHD+ resolution

Also check the screen to body ratio(percent of screen covering the phone),aspect ratio(height/width) and the type of notch implementation.
Higher the screen to body ratio higher is he immersive experience (atleast 90%).
Aspect ratio is the ratio of height and width of screen. Recent trends are 18:9,19:9 and 19.5:9 aspect ratio.
Type of notch implementation is a personal choice .The various options available are punch hole display(Samsung Galaxy S series),Water drop notch(Redmi note 7 Pro),dew drop notch(One Plus 7),popup camera(One Plus 7 Pro).

Refresh rates also plays a major role.Refresh rates tell the number of times the screen refreses in 1 second.It plays a major role in gaming. Most of the phones comes with 60Hz normal refresh rates while some like Asus ROG and One Plus 7 Pro comes with a 90HZ display and even ASUS ROG2 comes with 120HZ display.

Some terms available in screens are Fluid amoled display,marketed by One Plus, which is the same super AMOLED display with 90H refresh rate.Retina displays marketed by Apple is another fancy term used for normal OLED displays.

Some phones with exceptionally good displays are

  • Asus ROG 2
  • Samsung Galaxy S10+
  • Apple XS Max
  • One Plus 7Pro

#5 :Storage Option(RAM and ROM)

While purchasing phone storage options matters a lot and havaing a good storage options both in terms for RAM and ROM is a must

While it comes to RAM there are different versions available like DDR3,DDR4etc. Always go for DDR4 RAM and the capacity should be atleast 3GB and in case of heavy usage choose a phone with 6 or 8 Gigs of RAM.

When it comes to ROM also called internal storage try to get a phone with atleast 64 Gigs of storage and if possible select a phone with ROM based in UFS3.1 which is fast enough than the traditional UFS 2.0 storage.UFS3.1 hepls in faster loading of apps and also reduces the bootup time of the phone.

#6 :Security

There are many ways of security in a phone like fingerprint scanner,face unlock,iris unlock and very recently palm unlock also.

In fingerprint sensor there are two types:
:Traditional fingerprint Scanner-They are physical fingerprint scanner mounted on back of phone or in the front below screen and is found in most of the phones.These scanners are fast,accurate and cheaper.
:In display fingerprint Scanner -This is a newer technology and in this the scanner is hidden below the screen .This is a newer technology and is little less accurate and its speed is also less as compared to traditional fingerprint scanners but it looks futuristic.

The another security feature is the face unlock.Those phones having a proper 3D mechanism for face unlock are only secure while other phones can be unlocked with your photo itself.The most popular brand providing a proper 3D face unlock is Apple.

Other security features are Iris unlock provided in some Samsung phones and palm unlock in LG phones.

#7:Build quality and protection

Phone durability is also a must in phones.The protection is determined by gorilla glass made by a company called CORNING.These glasses prevent the phone form scratches.The recent gorilla glass is Gorilla Glass 6. The number denotes the scale at which a particular material starts scratching.The gorilla glass 3 can provide security but it will get scratches by keys while gorilla glass 6 is safe from keys but sands can scratch it very easily.

purchasing a phone with atleast Gorilla Glass 5 can do most of the job.

Build quality is another important aspect of purchasing phones.There are various types of build quality like glass back, metal back and plastic back.

Glass back are made of glass and will give you a premium feeling in your hand but if fallen the glass may break so proper caution should be taken.
Metal back are made of metal and are used generally in gaming phones to dissipate heat to the environment and is much durable.
Plastic back is used to cut costs and makes the phone lighter than others but wont give you a premium feel but is durable.

It is generally advised to purchase a good phone case so as to enhance the protection

Here is my list of best cases available in market click on the image to follow

amazon-logodurable phone cases amazon-logodurable phone cases amazon-logodurable phone cases

#8:Other Features

NFC support:Check for the NFC support in the phone.Although not much needed stll can be useful.

FM Radio:Radios are very useful in communication and in recent trends many brands are skipping it.Better choose a phone with FM radio.

USB type C charger: Type C chargers are a must for a phone in 2019.It increases the speed of charging and data transfer and is a must.So purchase phones with Type C charger.

OS: OS type is also a major factor. If you are using a apple macbook or other apple products just go for ios provided with an iphone or else go for the android.In case if you go for android then check for the android updates which the company promises.If the company is not saying about updates then dont go for it.In case of android dont go for android version less than 9.0 and in ios ios13 is the best.
If possible buy a phone that comes under android one program that will give you a 3 years security patch update and the 2 major android updates. Some phones which give regular updates are

  • All One Plus Phones
  • All Nokia phones
  • Mi A series
  • Some samsung phones

Check for the headphone jack and also the active 4G on both the sim as mosst of the phones offer nowadays


There are some phones in the market like Google pixel 3A and 3A XL consisting of snapdragon 665 and are priced higher but due to its awesome camera quality and good build quality and also the regular updates it can be considered to buy.

Samsung Galaxy A80 consists of snapdragon 730G a rotating flip camera ,an awesome full view display and a super amoled display can also be considered to buy.

Some of best phones available in market are

amazon productOne Plus 7 Proamazon productamazon productRedmi note 7 pro
amazon productOne Plus 7amazon productHuawei P30 Proamazon product
amazon productamazon productamazon productGalaxy M40